A Year of French Knots

My own hobbies are rather quiet. I like to read and do needlework, and I love animals. – Betsy Byers

Month One – January 2019
31 days x 10 French knots per day = 310 French knots

All throughout 2018, I watched one of my favorite embroidery instagrammers, adamsela, worked through a year of French knots, and I knew that once 2019 rolled around, I wanted to give it a try. French knots are one of my favorite stitches, and I absolutely loved the piece of art it turned out to be. I’m doing 10 french knots a day for 365 days, using all 6 strands of DMC floss, with each knot being wrapped around the needle twice. I chose random colors, and typically chose a week’s worth at a time to make it easier. So, month one is now complete, and I am already loving how it’s turning out! And you know my OCD self had to start a dated spreadsheet to keep track of the colors I am using, you know, so I don’t use a color twice.

DMC colors used: 14, 340, 731, 600, 758, 677, 3801, 3812, 825, 794, 955, 702, 761, 725, 333, 3328, 535, 3886, 3961, 3832, 806, 3819, 956, 26, 3753, 919, 3607, 701, 742, 3607