Wild Bill Bar – Original Site of Wild Bill Hickok’s Murder – Deadwood, South Dakota

I never, in all my life, took any mean advantage of an enemy. – Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Bar – Deadwood, South Dakota

Original Site of the Nuttall and Mann’s Saloon, also nicknamed the #10 Saloon which refers to the 10th claim to be registered in Deadwood.

The Saloon site was located at the original level of main street Deadwood in 1876. Due to floods, areas of the town have been built up to its current level, which includes Wild Bill Bar. Nothing remains from Deadwood 1876 as the complete business district of Main Street Deadwood was destroyed by fire in 1879. Much of the original business owners rebuilt. This building was reconstructed in 1879 and then again after the fire of 1884.

Wild Bill arrived in Deadwood in July, he had recently married Agnes Lakes Thatcher and was only in Deadwood approximately 2 1/2 weeks before his fateful date – August 2, 1876.

He will always be remembered for his last poker hand, 2 black aces, 2 black 8’s, and an unknown fifth card. It also taught everyone to never sit with their back towards the door.

(taken from signage at location)
Love the historic bar at Wild Bill Bar, and I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of that Calamity Sangria!
Original site of Wild Bill Hickok’s murder – The re-creation of the site was very impressive, and it smelled really old which totally added to the ambiance. The original rock walls were stunning. At first, we were truly wondering if it would be the $5 to view this, but it truly was. Jeff and I totally enjoyed it.
Wild Bill was a rather handsome man!
I threw Jeff in the slammer – Wild Bill is my new man! 😉
Re-creation of a whore’s room back then; quite interesting.
And they even had a proper place to wash up between customers… oh my.
Main Street, Deadwood