March Stitches

This is the season she will make beautiful things. Not perfect things but honest things that speak to who she is and who she is called to be. – Morgan Harper Nichols

A Year of French Knots
Month Three – March 2019
31 days x 10 French knots per day = 310 French knots

DMC colors used: 
January – 310, February – 280, March 310 = 900 French knots

This month was filled with embroidery creations for my sister’s store, Weathered Revivals. Sales were very good, so I need to get my butt busy and make some more! Below are my March embroidery creations!

8″ Minnesota hoop
5″ Ya, You Bet’cha hoop
7″ Uffda hoop – black stained hoop w/ shaded with watercolor pencils
7″ Farmhouse hoop w/ beautiful linen and black-eyed susans
6″ grey and yellow punch needle shooting star
6″ brown and teal blue punch needle shooting star
6″ super sweet spring colored punch needle shooting star

February Stitches

There is no need to fear. Your story matters here. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Month Two – February 2019
28 days x 10 French knots per day = 280 French knots

DMC colors used: 21, 349, 470, 433, 13, 34, 747, 602, 469, 996, 3821, 947, 632, 777, 3889, 3362, 3733, 3064, 910, 3807, 334, 973, 3706, 3850, 906, 3836
Progress Collage
January – 310 French knots + February – 280 French knots = 590 French knots

Side note: Isn’t the pantone color of the year 16-1546 Living Coral so beautiful?
2019 Stitchalong with New Leaf Stitchery
I enjoyed February’s pattern, such a cute folky heart for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this month I haven’t been able to get to her March pattern, but I am so excited to see what April’s pattern will be!

New Leaf Stitchery on Instagram, website, and Etsy
I purchased this Dimension’s “Aurora Cabin” cross stitch kit in 2013. I worked very little on it until the past few months, and now I am making progress on it!! I’m not gonna lie, it’ll take me years because this is a big, detailed piece, but I am loving seeing it come alive!

2019 Stitchalong with New Leaf Stitchery

“Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” -E.V.

I’ve been following New Leaf Stitchery on her Instagram, website, and Etsy for quite some time. In fact, I purchased her Juniper Kit before Christmas but have yet to start it… so many projects, so little time! Jen is a super sweet and very talented. For 2019, she started a stitchalong and I was and am so excited to participate!

This was my take on the January pattern. I love the fun colors and the featured stitch, the fly stitch, was super fun!

Most of all, I am extremely honored that Jen featured my piece on her January roundup post! Please check her out, and give her some love and support!