February Stitches

There is no need to fear. Your story matters here. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Month Two – February 2019
28 days x 10 French knots per day = 280 French knots

DMC colors used: 21, 349, 470, 433, 13, 34, 747, 602, 469, 996, 3821, 947, 632, 777, 3889, 3362, 3733, 3064, 910, 3807, 334, 973, 3706, 3850, 906, 3836
Progress Collage
January – 310 French knots + February – 280 French knots = 590 French knots

Side note: Isn’t the pantone color of the year 16-1546 Living Coral so beautiful?
2019 Stitchalong with New Leaf Stitchery
I enjoyed February’s pattern, such a cute folky heart for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this month I haven’t been able to get to her March pattern, but I am so excited to see what April’s pattern will be!

New Leaf Stitchery on Instagram, website, and Etsy
I purchased this Dimension’s “Aurora Cabin” cross stitch kit in 2013. I worked very little on it until the past few months, and now I am making progress on it!! I’m not gonna lie, it’ll take me years because this is a big, detailed piece, but I am loving seeing it come alive!

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